Our warm white soft glow LED fairy lights come in lengths of 8m. See individual marquee listings for quantities and prices for each marquee. The prices listed with each marquee include the Vintage Marquee crew hanging and dismantling.


Price: 20m £70 30m £105 50m £175 plus VAT

Our Festoon Lights are warm white. They come in lengths of 20m, 30m and 50m. The lengths can be joined together. £3.50 per metre. Price includes installation and hanging on 8′ tall wrought iron crooks.


Price: £350 plus VAT

We have three 18’ x 18’ parquet dance floors. We can extend any of the dance floors to make a larger dance area. The 18’ x 18’ size is recommended for parties of about 120.


Natural coir matting is the most popular flooring to use in traditional marquees. It is a fairly loose open weave and has a rustic feel, as it is a natural fabric made from coconut husks. We now have another option, Dandy Dura matting. This is a similar natural colour to the coir, but is a man made material so is easier to wash and not susceptible to staining in the way natural coir is. Both floor coverings are the same price and have a similar look. We lay the matting on tarpaulin sheets. Prices are listed with each marquee.


Price: £225 inc. fitting plus VAT

Our stage consists of six 8′ x 4′ pieces which fit together and can be arranged to best suit you. A black skirt fixes to the front edges.

You can choose the stage size you need for your band or disco and if you need a 2, 4 or 6 piece stage, each piece works out at £37.50 plus VAT.


Price: £20 each plus VAT

We have 24 individual uplighters. They are warm white and have the option of coloured filters. The uplighters can be set at the bottom of the marquee poles to shine up the walls or they can be fixed at the top of the poles to shine down.

There are various options to have the lights fixed on or flickering in time to your music! The Vintage Marquee crew will show you how these lights are easily controlled.


Price: £30 each inc. set up plus VAT

We have three outdoor uplights. These look stunning poistioned at the bottom of large tress and shining up through the branches. We have various coloured filters; red, green, yellow, etc.


Price: £200 each inc. fuel plus VAT

Vintage Marquees have two heaters for hire! We supply the heater full of fuel and it will run for 11 hours. 

  • 51kW Indirect Oil Fired Heater
  • Thermostatically Controlled
  • Safety thermostat
  • Electronic flame control device


Price: £3 each / individual crook £1.25 each plus VAT

We have 50 wrought iron crooks and lanterns to hire, including an 8 hour tea light. Crooks are about 4’ high. The crooks can also be hired on their own to use your own jam jars, lanterns etc.


Price: £60 plus VAT

Essentially this PA is a speaker with a built-in amplifier that can run from mains electricity. This system can also be used to play background music during an event from an iPod, Mobile Phone or portable device. The system is supplied with 2 handheld wireless microphones and has a built in MP3 / USB/SD card media player.

  • Echo effect for microphones
  • 2 x VHF handheld microphones included
  • Power output: 50 + 50W rms
  • Power supply: 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz / external 12Vdc / internal battery


Price: £35 each plus VAT

We have 5 beautiful chandeliers complete with hanging crystals and soft-glow bulbs. Includes installation. £35 plus VAT and includes installation.


Price: £300 plus VAT

A retro jukebox with the best looks and sound around. This beautifully made jukebox houses a modern mechanism holding 70 CD’s and title cards with all the jukeboxes classic’s from the 50s to current music. Technical Specifications:

  • Series 4 – 70 disc Jukebox CD Mechanism )
  • Mk6 Stereo Amplifier 300watts RMS
  • Built in tweeter, midrange, 12” bass speaker
    connections for external speakers (Flat panelled acoustic speakers)
  • Wired remote control (info remote control option available)
  • 70 disc rotating display title rack
  • Random switch play facility
  • Aux inputs for mic/audio
  • Fitted with music lead for phone or tablet
  • Coin-op or free play (your choice) 


Price: £35 plus VAT

Our 7′ Light Trees have bright LED lights and are popular for indoor and outdoor use. The hire price includes erecting and dismantling.


Price: £1 each plus VAT

We have about 50 glass holders for tea lights, of varying styles. Tea light included.


Price: £3.50 per running metre plus VAT

Create a walkway to your marquee. Our coir matting is 1.8m wide, just tell us how much you need. Hire price per running metre.


With over 10 years of experience, we are always happy to share our knowledge and ideas. We love nothing more than rising to a challenge and creating unique and exciting events. We look forward to hearing from you!


Caroline on 07921 810 396


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